Abhishek Sainani
2 min readNov 21, 2022


Very valid points. A person shouldn't judge others when they themselves are lacking in many aspects.

Just got this thought after reading your article:

If these men didn't have any red flags and were all highly desirable partners, would their remark about the looks of their fiances have bothered anyone?

A mature independent strong polite compassionate man could also be honest and grade women based on their outer appearance. Would that be wrong?

I agree that a man child has no such right or entitlement to do so because he needs to fix a lot about himself first. But what if a perfect man remarked this way, without malice, only to state the facts, would that have bothered anyone?

In my opinion it shouldn't. Rather, teenagers and young adults should be encouraged to interact with more people from the gender they find attractive and form strong bonds of friendship and trust. Then someday if they feel a deeper connection with someone and want to spend their life with them, they could marry that person.

Where is the aspect of physical attraction here? Something that may not last five years, people are betting their next fifty years on it.

Yes some people are more attractive than others but you don't marry you find attractive, you marry the one you find easiest to tolerate (who also happens to be from the gender you find attractive).

Our endeavor should be to encourage ourselves and others to look beyond physical beauty and focus more on the basic needs of life, such as cooperation, companionship, working as a team, being a strong emotional support for each other, and not shout at each other for every tiny mishap.

BTW, I find it hilarious that most men want physically attractive women as their wives but also want their wives to be like their mothers. Yikes!



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