I Reached My First Century — It Feels Good

What Helped And What To Look Forward To

Abhishek Sainani
3 min readJul 28, 2022


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I was ecstatic when I crossed the 100 followers milestone last week. 100 looks like a small number but it is not. To have one person follow your work on a platform, especially when you’re a novice writer, takes a lot of effort. And when someone shows faith in you by following your work, makes all that effort worth it.

I thank the Medium community, especially my followers, who appreciated my writing and encouraged me with their claps and comments. This always helps me to keep going.

I’ve been a member of Medium since 2014, and have been posting my views on movies for the last few years. But it was only last month that I decided to become regular on Medium and post content more frequently. This helped me add more than 60 followers in this month.

I believe the following three changes in the way I use this platform has helped me steadily grow my followers:

  1. Posting more frequently: From one post every month or so, I’m not posting at least 4 posts every week, on average. This has pushed me to reduce my leisure time spent on OTT and allocate some time to writing on a regular basis. At the end of the day, I feel thrilled that one of my creations is out there or is almost ready to get out there.
  2. Posting on publications: I’ve always wanted to share my writings on Medium publications but hesitated to submit them, fearing that I might get rejected. But most publications I’ve published in have been kind enough to accept my writings or suggest corrections in my writing before accepting it. Publications have helped my work reach a wider audience and I’ll continue to submit my work in some suitable publications as frequently as I can.
  3. Engagement with the community: I have been actively reading poems, stories, articles, and opinion pieces of many of my fellow writers in the last 30 days and that has not only enriched my experience on Medium but also helped me gain some followers that appreciate my writings. This is also an activity that I will continue to do, to remain an active part of the writing community on Medium.

You may want to try the above activities, in case you haven’t, and watch your followers grow as well as your experience improve manifold.

At this stage in my writing journey, I am writing anything and everything that excites me. I’m exploring different topics and different formats of writing. Hence I don’t have a niche as of now, nor a topic on which I consistently post. Soon I will get more clarity on my interests and strengths as a writer and focus more on that. In time I aim to write many good quality articles that I get curated on Medium. This will be the next step in my journey to grow as a member of the writers' community on Medium.

Here I’d like to share my most appreciated post on Medium. Hope you like it.

Have a nice day. :)



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