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Abhishek Sainani
3 min readJan 9, 2019


I never thought I could get over the K.G.F. hangover until I watched the climax of Simmba.

Simmba and Singham

I wasn’t ready to watch another movie after watching K.G.F., but my wife dragged me into the cinema hall, since she is an ardent Simmba, I mean, Ranveer Singh’s fan.

I did watch Simmba.

And I enjoyed it.

Most of you have already watched the movie Simmba, or the original Telugu movie Temper, hence there’s no point in delving into the details. However, few important things to note:

1. Ranveer Singh was absolutely endearing as Simmba. He is absolutely delightful on-screen.

2. Simmba is perhaps my favorite Rohit Shetty till date, he did a good job as a director.

3. Some of Simmba’s dialogues were good: “tell me something I don’t know”, “mind is blowing” and their Marathi versions.

4. I also liked Simmba’s own background score, and the chant of “police” in the background.

Overall I realize that Simmba deserves its BookMyShow rating and box office earnings.

I have just one complaint. The second half of the movie had an overdose of moral gyaan. I understand that rape is a very serious crime and criminals (if proven guilty by any account) must be severely punished. But there have been many false accusations in last few years and that makes the rape cases even more complicated. While in the movie they showed that the police had the evidence against the culprits, in reality evidence is often not present and impulsively killing someone in a fit of rage could lead to death of some innocent people. The only way out of this quandary is that a rape victim (guy or girl) tell the truth and not put false accusation just to get back at someone.

However, this post is not about Simmba, or moral gyaan.

This post is about Singham! From the trailer of Simmba, I already knew Singham would make an appearance towards the end of the movie. I also knew when and how he would make an entry. I was eagerly looking forward to it. When he steps out of his Police Jeep, I fell in love with Singham all over again!

What impressed me over and above this was that (MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD) Singham doesn’t untie Simmba’s ropes, he pulls out the armrest itself! Only Singham can do that, and only Singham could help me get over K.G.F. hangover.

And he did.

That was my Simmba moment of, “mind is blowing”!

Coming back to Ajay Devgun. He is Singham, he is Drishyam, he also played a police officer in Raid and Gangajal. He is Bollywood’s quintessential police officer. And absolutely marvelous at it.

Akshay Kumar might be joining the Singham Extended Universe (SEU) as I’d like to call it with Sooryavanshi releasing sometime in next one year. That might be interesting. But after watching Golmaal’s actors in the video of Aankh Maare I think a crossover between SEU and Golmaal gang would be much more exciting! Not sure how Rohit Shetty will manage two Ajay Devguns (perhaps long lost twins?) in the storyline but I’d love to see such a movie.

In conclusion, Ranveer Singh as Simmba brings his own style in playing a police officer and excels at it, however, at least for now, Ajay Devgun as Singham still owns my goosebumps!



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