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Abhishek Sainani
2 min readJan 12, 2019

Just watch the following video before you read any further.

I watched it again and I felt the same thrill.

This song comes after a fighting scene. I liked the buildup to the fighting scene and the fighting scene. But when I saw them break into a song, I almost cringed because I don’t like hero-worship. The only time I remember enjoying hero worship was in Baahubali (shivling scene) and Baahubali 2 (elephant scene).

The song begins with these four phrases, and it sounded quite cliched.

chalne ka hukum,

rukne ka hukum,

zindagi pe hukum,

maut pe hukum.

But then the background score plays and I fall in love with it.

The song then moves forward in two languages, Hindi and Kannada. The tempo increases and I begin to enjoy the beats.

What makes this song different, or better, than other hero-worship songs of various Salman Khan movies, or Singham or Simmba is that Rocky doesn’t participate in the song. The song is being played around him by others. Rocky does what he does, lives the way he lives, while everybody else sings his praise. This nonchalant attitude also makes him quite endearing.

This song defines Rocky’s character and sets our expectation about the character. This song was like the final take-off moment of a flight. After this song, the movie soars and keeps reaching new heights!

I watch this song everyday, and I just can’t believe I love a hero-worship song so much. I tried to figure out why but I guess its impossible to describe it in words.



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