I Found Myself Alone

Freedom of speech comes with a severe caveat

Abhishek Sainani
1 min readJun 16, 2023
Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

When I spoke nothing, I was considered a docile, shy person.

When I spoke what others wanted to hear, I was praised for being smart and intellectual.

When I spoke things that made others feel happy and good about themselves, I was admired for being a polite and compassionate person.


When I spoke my mind freely, I was considered rude and inconsiderate.

When I spoke out the thoughts I connect with, I was considered strange and weird.

When I spoke of my opinions on certain topics, I was laughed at or shunned.

The more I spoke my heart out, the more I saw people leave.

When I was done pouring my heart out, I found myself alone.

I was free but alone.

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Abhishek Sainani

An aspiring writer who often juggles between his inner world, his dream world, and the real world. Writes poetry, humorous observations and opinion pieces.