How A Song Triggered A New Plan For Life.

Now I am making a list of my favorite things to do on a daily basis

Abhishek Sainani
3 min readNov 25, 2022
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These days I’m so bored that I wonder whether there’s anything left for me to do, except maybe ensure my parents get a peaceful departure from this world, whenever that may be. This has made me wonder what my last days in this world might be like. Suddenly this song popped into my head — Rockstar, by Nickelback. This is still one of my favorite songs since my college days. And I wondered, would I like to listen to this song before I kick the bucket?

Initially, I thought that maybe the song will put me in a peppy mood just before I left, so that won’t be such a bad idea. But then I began listening to other songs by Nickelback, then Poets of the Fall, then Euphoria, and then many of my favorite songs from Indian movies. After two hours I had a long list to choose from. Selecting one song from this list would take time. Perhaps I could dedicate the next few years or decades to this introspection.

What about my last meal?

That won’t be easy, perhaps more difficult than selecting the final song. I have no idea how many more diseases will be onboarded before my demise. Such diseases will be imposing many kinds of food restrictions on me. So planning to have a pizza or a chola bathoora as my last meal might be too ambitious.

At least the clothes I might wear on my last day might be in my control, right?

Yes, probably I can select my clothes for the final journey into the next world. And accessories too — A wristwatch, my wedding ring (in case I die before my wife), a pair of shades, and who knows what else I might end up wearing by the time it is my time to die.

But hold on. How would I know what day I’m going to die? I aspire for a natural death due to old age, which means I have no idea when my old age might begin and end. Then once I enter my old age, am I supposed to listen to the same song daily once (and nothing else after that?), and eat the same meal every time not knowing which one might be my last? Or wear the same clothes and accessories daily?

Perhaps there’s a better way. Perhaps I could prepare a list of songs, cuisines, and attires to indulge in and pick different combinations every day. That way I’ll be doing my favorite things every day in my old age. This sounds interesting. Can’t wait to get old!

But why wait? Under normal circumstances, I still have at least two decades before I enter that age of slow decline. Why wait for this long to execute the awesome plan I just made to make life exciting?

But will I enjoy the clothes, food, and music during these days filled with stress, expectations, and boredom? Perhaps it is worth a try. If I succeed now, success is inevitable during my twilight years. It will be a reminder of how I grew bigger than the pressures and demands of my ego, aspirations, and relationships, and lived a good life. That will ensure that I die a happy and proud old man.



Abhishek Sainani

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