Hop On To The Sleep Train

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Every night I make sure I finish my office work, housework, and personal work by a certain time. After that, I turn off the lights, lay on my bed, and relax. This is my signal to the sleep train that I have arrived at the platform. Sometimes I wait for a few minutes and sometimes as long as half an hour. During this time various thoughts occupy my mind and create commotion, like passengers on a railway platform before the arrival of the scheduled train.

These noises subside as the sleep train arrives at the platform. After I board the train and take my seat, I don’t remember anything about my waking life. I no longer belong to the platform; I am ready to explore new platforms and destinations. I look out of the window every now and then as the train chugs or races through the surreal and lucid landscapes and events in the dream world. I get off at a few stations and spend some time there, living some new experiences.

Sometimes I’m in an exam hall, answering a wrong question paper. But when I begin to write, the answers come to me.
Sometimes I’m in a large toilet, yet clueless about how to use any of the potty seats.
Sometimes I’m flying a helicopter like a fighter plane and take a 90-degree turn to avoid hitting a cliff and keep rising along the cliff.
Sometimes I am visiting temples underwater and enjoy the tasty prasadam offered to me by the Pandit on behalf of the Gods.

But I return to the train when it is ready to leave. Some experiences are so beautiful and enjoyable that I want to stay back at that station forever. But I am not in control, the sleep train is.

Some experiences are so horrifying that I can’t even return to the station to move on to the next station. In a state of shock, my mind aborts the whole journey and I wake up, sometimes screaming, sometimes shaking, inside my room in darkness. I take a toilet break or drink some water, and go back to the platform, to start a new journey.

If everything goes well, then at the end of my journey, I wake up to a new day. Fresh daylight pours into my room and birds chirp. This journey is rejuvenating and relaxing, and I feel prepared to go through the journey in my waking life.



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