Gratitude during Covid 19

Abhishek Sainani
2 min readApr 25, 2020

Given the ugly scenario created by the Coronavirus Pandemic, I believe we should all count our blessings, including I, who has the following five in their life right now:

  1. Food. My first fear when the lockdown was announced was lack of vegetables, grains and fruits. Fortunately, this hasn’t happened to most of us, at least not to those with money to pay for these things. Moreover at my home we eat only two meals a day and one fruit, thereby reducing our food intake by about 20%, so that others may also get food items.
  2. Water. Till now we’ve been getting water supply in our homes and I am grateful for that because the weather has become too hot these days and water consumption, both for drinking and bathing has increased. Moreover, if we don’t drink enough water we might get urinary track infection, and since we’re still under lockdown, any form of infection is a risk right now.
  3. Electricity. We need our fans and ACs, and even our Good Knights and All Outs. And some of us can’t do without microwave. And the mother of all, the Refrigerator, is a must to stock up stuff during these difficult times. Last but not the least, our smartphones need electricity to keep running. Electricity is more essential to us today than ever before.
  4. People. You don’t want to end up like Robinson Crusoe, having to talk to yourself for weeks. Having people to live with, be it family, friends or even those roommates/flatmates you don’t like, is better than not having anyone to keep you company. But if you’re staying alone, and you have electricity with you, you can always call up someone you like and talk to them.
  5. Good health. Going to a clinic or a hospital these days is risky and we must avoid it. Exercise everyday, eat home cooked food even if it doesn’t taste good, get enough sleep and stay calm.

The world on the other side of this pandemic will be much different from what we’re used to. Perhaps this lockdown is a practice session for that. We are in a good position to make the required changes. Hence, instead of cribbing about being bored or the things we’re missing in life, be grateful for what we have, especially the five things I’ve mentioned because many still don’t have all five of them.

Let us count our blessings and meet each other on the other side of this Pandemic.



Abhishek Sainani

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