Are we living the Sisyphus life?

Photo by Elle Cosgrave on Unsplash

To me, the nature of work these days feels like the following.

1. You cook a nice-looking dish.

2. You click the photo of the prepared dish and post it on Instagram and other social media platforms.

3. You earn your daily salary based on the responses to this photo on such platforms.

4. You throw a fresh, nice-looking dish in the dustbin.

5. You use the daily salary to buy something from outside and eat it to live another day.

What do you think?
Was I totally off the mark or did I succeed in scraping the surface of the truth?

Let me know in the comments.



Abhishek Sainani

Abhishek Sainani

An aspiring writer who often juggles between his inner world, his dream world, and the real world. Writes poetry, humorous observations and opinion pieces.